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Cookie Dough Fundraising

One of the most popular fundraising ideas available, cookie dough fundraisers have solidified themselves as a key fundraiser for schools and groups alike. Part of what makes them so successful is most people find cookies so hard to resist; making them a wonderful treat for parents and kids.

There are many different types of cookie dough fundraisers available from frozen place and bake cookie dough and tubs to non-frozen cookie dry mixes and shelf-stable cookie dough. Selecting the best cookie dough type to sell for a fundraiser depends on location and time of year. Groups may have a hard time in the summer passing out and storing frozen cookie dough should a child not be available upon the time of delivery.

Brand name recognition provides reassurance to supporters that they are purchasing quality products. Supporters lose all fear of an "off brand" taste when they see the quality brand cookie dough Wow Fundraising offers.

Need help getting started with a cookie dough fundraiser? Contact one of our fundraising specialists today and they will help you find the best cookie dough fundraising program for you and your school or group!

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