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Cancer Fundraising Items

Help raise cancer awareness by selling cancer fundraising items. Some of the most recognized cancer awareness items are awareness ribbons. We have three fundraising products shaped like awareness ribbons: chocolate ribbon lollipops, candy ribbon lollipops, and awareness ribbon pins.

Another very popular cancer fundraising item is the Live Strong fundraising wristband made popular by Lance Armstrong. Get started today with our customizable wristbands and your own message on it!

Cancer fundraising items will raise anywhere from 40% - 60% profit. All of our direct sale cancer awareness products will ship directly to you, for FREE. Sell your items at assemblies, school events, office reception areas, or wherever you can find willing supporters. 

It is important to help spread the word on cancer awareness. According to, 44.85% of men and 38.08% of woman living in the United States will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime (Last Revised: 12/22/2011). Help raise awareness of cancer and breast cancer, and more importantly – help raise money to find a cure against this horrible disease.

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